General health problems of pets

General health problems of pets

Pets general state of health is very important for animal owners. Especially for first time owners, Veterinary Physician Ali Özler, told us all you should know about pet health.

Anyone who looks after a cat or dog at home knows that owning an animal is like having a child who never grows up. Besides feeding, toilet training, cleaning, like every living thing, they also have some health problems.

Experienced animal owners often know what symptoms can be caused, but especially those who look after an animal for the first time at home are a little novice about pet health. We also interviewed veterinarian Ali Özler about general pet health and obtained important information.

Veterinary doctor Ali Özler, especially brings attention to the importance of feeding animals.
Veterinary doctor Ali Özler, especially brings attention to the importance of feeding animals.

What are the most common general health problems seen in pets?

The most common symptoms seen in animals are diarrhea, vomiting, anorexia and allergic reactions.

What should be done, when animal owners face such health problems?

We veterinarians expect animal owners to help provide protection from the disease. To follow the vaccination schedule we give, use the foods and supporting products recommended by physicians according to race, genetic predisposition, age and personal sensitivity, can prevent the health problems that may occur in the long term to a great extent.

What do you mean by supporting products?

Special products are used for animals with special conditions. For example, for renal diseases; renal food; therapeutic atopic food for animals with skin disorders; supplements containing glucosamine and condritin sulphate are used in patients with joint disease or hip dysplasia.

Loss of appetite in animals can signify very important health problems.
Loss of appetite in animals can signify very important health problems.

In what situations should it be urgent to go to the veterinarian?

Patient owners should consult their physician in situations they are hesitant and in cases of emergency. For example, reduced appetite, can be a message of many diseases, and it is of great importance to us, for early diagnosis which can save lives. Therefore, you should consult a physician without any further delay in such cases.

What symptoms, indicate what pets have?

For example, the most basic symptom for infections is lack of appetite. Or, for example, dermatological problems, are seen in areal or total hair loss and sometimes even scratching. We always expect an animal that consumes the same amount of food, to defecate (poo) in the same consistency and quantity. Otherwise, it is a valid reason to consult your doctor.

What can be the most lethal conditions in pets?

Diarrhea, vomiting and trauma are the primary causes of death, especially in younger animals, and require immediate assistance.

What should be considered after the infertility surgery?

The period after the operation, it is necessary to give information about the risk of operation and the patient's personal information should be given to the patient owner. Saying the same things for each patient is not right in this sense. While some patients need great support, others process it easily. The doctor's observation is important.

In animals, the use of unconscious medicine like humans is very risky.
In animals, the use of unconscious medicine like humans is very risky.

Normally, how often do you need veterinary control?

Veterinary control of an adult household animal should be every two months.

What do animal owners need to pay attention to in terms of nutrition?

Our priority is for animals in good health and in animals that do not require a special diet, it's a professional dry food. Because only this way, nutritional diseases are prevented almost completely. What I can tell pet owners who insist on feeding with home-made meals is to stay away from fatty, salty, sweet, spicy and fried foods. Only boiled foods can be given warm. And of course, you have to pay attention to the balance of protein, vitamin and carbohydrate. In addition to this, patients who have been given a special dietary should be fed with a doctor's recommended treatment. To comply strictly to the diet given by the physician.

What are the most common mistakes made by pet owners in regard to so many years of experience? In general, what would you recommend to pet owners?

The biggest problems arise from mistakes made about feeding. Along with this, unconscious drug use and empirical methods are among the most frequent encountered problems. Consulting your physician before doing anything is the best advice I can give. Unfortunately, sometimes an application that the animal owner believes is good can cause life-threatening danger for that animal.