The place where diving turns into a passion: Kaş

The place where diving turns into a passion: Kaş

With its climate, clear sea and all its vibrancy, Kaş is an attractive alternative for most holidaymakers, with a distinct place in the heart of diving enthusiasts.

If you have an idea of experiencing diving this summer, Kas can be a great start.

There is more than one route in our country for a diving sport called Scuba. Kaş, which is one of Antalya's tourist attractions, being close to 20 diving places, becomes an ideal place to dive. Even if weather conditions are favorable, the number of diving spots goes up to 37. Starting from today's date with ruins dating back to 1300 B.C you will witness nature at the same time under the water somewhere.

So, we visit Kas, where do we dive?

Although there are many diving points, there are places that are attracting more attention than others. The main ones are:

Kanyon: (Canyon): There is a wall between 5 and 24 meters. Here you can encounter a 75-year-old Greek shipwreck (Dimitri). It is known that while they were carrying cotton, the ship hits the rocks and sinks, and then it was blown up with dynamite.

Uçan Balık (Flying Fish): The Italian Savoia-Marchetti SM79 model, which was lowered at 55-71 meters in the Second World War, is at the top of the most popular places with its bomber captain. But because it is very deep, it is only suggested for master divers.

Limanağzı-Fener: This is one of the closest distances to the center of Kas. It is possible to see the C-47 Dakota cargo plane which was artificially submerged, in 2009 for the diving tourism as well as the Ottoman monument at 23 meters.

Neptün (Neptune): There is an ancient wreck area where you can see the amphoras at 20 meters. Deeper in, you can see the TCSG-119 coast guard boat that has been sunk since it went to Iskart.

Oasis Reef: A spot we can call sand and fish paradise. In this place where groupers, lagos, scholars, trumpet fishes and oysters are hosted, amphoras and wooden wreck residues add enrichment.

Hidayet (Guidance): In 25-30 meters, you can see the original copy made by adhering to the intended Uluburn wreck that sank in the year 1300. B.C

Which centers can we get help from to get dive around there?

If you are new to diving, try to stay away from instructors who are not certified.

As for where you can get training ...

Providing training for 12 months:

• Dragoman: 0242 836 36 14

• Subaqua: 0532 221 01 29

• Nautilus Diving: 0242 836 28 18

• Barakuda: 0532 641 48 73

Training provided from December to April:

Blue Team: 0535 663 14 77

• Oceanids: 0535 434 57 80

• Apollo: 0536 541 30 84

Life Aquatic Freediving: 0532 400 88 36 (In addition to scuba diving training in other centers, free diving training is also offered)

What should we take, what should we pay attention to?

The centers give you the proper equipment for diving, but you should get what you always get for the beach with you. Get water and biscuits, sandwiches that will appease your hunger. Be careful not to be full or hungry before you dive.

Can anyone dive?

If you do not have any problems such as heart, blood vessels, panic attacks, ear infections, blood pressure, hernia, sugar, sara and if you get a pre-training then yes! After the theoretical and practical exercises, you can make your first dive with the instructor. The initial courses consist of five or six dives after the trial dive. This training means ‘a star’. You need to complete three ‘stars’ to become an average diver. Among the rules of the Federation there is a rule that children under the age of 14 can take diving trainings with the approval of their parents. Apart from that, amateurs can dive up to 5 meters at the beginning, 18 at the top level and 30 meters at the top level.

What is the budget?

Are you going to dive with equipment or without equipment? Are you going to dive single or triple, six or ten? Are you going to dive day or nighttime? Although your budget depends on the answer to all these questions, you only need to pay an average of 70-100 TL for a single dive.

Those going on holiday and wish to dive

Anne Babek Magazine Sales Representative Bice Akkaya first dived in Saroz's Coal Harbor in 2010 and then continued with spots like Kaş, Çeşme and Kekova. According to Akkaya, who usually likes to dive in warm weather, there is no particular season for diving, and every season has another taste. Her suggestion for those who will start this new sport:

"You should calm down and listen to your instructor well, otherwise you can risk yourself. Then concentrate on enjoying the dive. It's also important to apply the hand signals correctly in the dive. "

Barçın Keles, who is working as a Business Analyst in the telecommunication sector, is one of those who experienced diving in Kas. Keles, who said that she experienced a combination of excitement and fear during her first dive, explains the passion she repeats every year with the same dive team and instructor:

"Everything under the water is very calm and has its own rhythm. It is a World away from all the rules and chaos ... I have never seen such creatures and witnessing them harmonize with nature also brings the feeling of rediscovery every time. That's why I take every opportunity I can in Kas. It isn’t an expensive town, so I can stay for at least three days and spend an average of 250 TL on a daily basis. "