5 Winter Perfume Suggestions to Perfume Lovers

5 Winter Perfume Suggestions to Perfume Lovers

It may not be meaningful for people who use the same perfume all the time, but seasonal changes are enjoyable for those who use different perfumes depending on the environment and season. Autumn is the month for me to have fun in this sense. Warm air creates difficulty for perfume. The perfume flies more quickly, loses its balance because of the heat and sweat, and the pressure created by the heat causes the perfume to become heavier (at least we perceive it). However, the period between October and May provides a comfortable environment in this sense. The big shots which have disappeared in the depths of my closet come back on the stage as of October.

First, leather-themed perfumes, then the ones with tobacco flavoured, amber-incense blends and other big babies show up one by one.

Perfume is my main interest and has spread to almost all the areas of my life. In this article, I will tell you about 5 of my favourite perfumes in winter. Although this article is not a “recommendation” one, it may give you an idea. I feel that the perfumes that I like to use in winter usually warm me up. The perfumes I mentioned briefly at the bottom are the ones you should definitely smell if you come across in a store.

1- RIEN - Etat Libre d’Orange

My friends often ask me “What does the smell of leather mean?”

A kind of difficult question. I always start my sentence in the same way to answer this question for years; “Consider a used leather coat for 2-3 months. Think as if you put your favourite perfume on it and smelled it. Such a description cannot fully explain the issue, but at least gives an opinion. In this style, the smell of the leather is the leading role, but depending on the success of the design-blend there is a great festival in the background.

Rien is one of the most enjoyable perfumes in this sense. The background success is more “full”. My view is that perfume only undergoes a two-stage change. Some of my friends are talking about a more-stage change. At first, I smell a very strong incense and black pepper that gathering around the leather, and then a fragrance of leather that matures and goes on a spice-woody structure. It has quite a characteristic structure. It's not a sensitive perfume. It doesn't care about getting around and although it's classified as unisex, it's more like man fragrances. It makes the person who uses it happier. Few people liked this perfume when I used it, but it doesn't matter if you like it. The perfume is very strong. Persistence and odour diffusion are impressive. The other leather perfume I use interchangeably with Rien is Boadicea's Complex.

Complex is a perfume of the same style, but I think it is a bit harder because of the lute. It's a little more animalistic. If you haven't been able to deal with Rien, then Complex will creep you out. If you want a leather-themed perfume, but you want to make it softer and more gentle, then Hermes - Cuir D’Ange, which I see as “velvety leather” would be ideal for you. Hermes is also a perfume that suits the women the most among these 3 perfumes above.

2 - JOURNEY – Amouage

Amouage is my favorite perfume brand. Honor, Reflection, Jubilation and the new Portrayal are my favorites. Journey saved me from the dominance of Tom Ford Tabacco Vanille. The T.V. is too sweet and chocolate to me. However, I liked Xerjoff Naxos, which then grabbed my attention and is a good alternative when the tobacco is the case. But Journey is my favourite for tobacco smells. The spicy air of it adds a little more seriousness to tobacco. An hour later, it reaches my favourite velvety state of its. In short, it is a perfume that suits the autumn and winter months, satisfies the people and dominates the surroundings without bothering which adds a different value to it. The spreading around of the fragrance is a condition that many perfume lovers wish. However, if it reaches a density that will disturb the environment while doing so, that perfume is overwhelmingly dominating your surroundings and should not be used indoors. I think Journey is the most refined, most characterized tobacco themed perfume. From time to time I come across people showing displeasure to Journey, but one reason for this is that Aventus and perhaps the most imitated perfume walks on the same path hand in hand with Tabacco Vanille. Five years ago, I think half of the people I met were using TV and the other half were using Aventus imitations. In short, if you love the smell of tobacco, you should go for Journey which blends the odour and the highest quality in one bottle.


It was a brand I heard, but I hadn't even bought one. Actually, I made a mistake because they have beautiful, strong perfumes. The first thing I got from the brand was VOLO AZ 686. I don't really like the perfumes in which vanilla and coconut are dominating fragrance. I think we've overstepped on these two notes. Both the perfume industry and the food industry love these two notes. Especially we often come across these two notes in products such dessert etc. However, among many other perfumes of this brand, VOLO caught my attention. In fact, when I used it for a week, I figured out why. The brand says that the fragrance consists of only 3 notes. Gardenia, Vanilla and Coconut. They are quite distinct, but occasionally I get a slight caramel and amber accent beneath. But, of course the first three notes are the most obvious ones. Perfume is intense. Persistence is at a level that can be called astounding.

It almost doesn't come out of the clothes and keeps staying even after taking a shower. The reason I love it is that it satisfies you with the odour and avoids being “heavy” where it can be overwhelming. Definitely a unisex perfume even closer to the feminine side. It will definitely affect every place you enter during the winter months. It's impossible not to notice this fragrance.


I must say that I love all of Dior Homme series except for sport, cologne and so on. But if I had to choose one of them, I will choose the “Parfum” without any hesitation. I've been wearing this perfume for years and I don't remember getting bored once. I have a rich collection and niche perfumes make up most of the collection but “Dior Homme Parfum is a completely different perfume for me. I know Intense is popular right now, but I'm a fan of Parfum. This is a perfume that can be used in any environment, especially in winter. I think the leather note that has been wonderfully involved in the blend distinguishes it from the rest.

It is suitable for suits, casual and even sportswear. It is intense and unique. By the way, avoid the imitations or fakes of this perfume. Because it is impossible for you to get the same pleasure as you do with the original one. I always asked the imitation perfumer stores known everywhere and every time I came across it couldn't be even compared to the original. Compared to those listed above, it is more affordable and can be found in almost every perfume store. Though after the arrival of Intense Perfume the number of it decreased on the shelves but I can still find it. In the meantime, we must kindly bow to the master Francois Demachy who created the perfume.


It would be unfair if I didn't get it in the ranking of the list. BV Pour Homme is one of the perfumes I use every winter with great pleasure. A perfect blend of pine-fir and leather notes. When I compare it with the first 4 perfumes, this will probably be least appreciated by the readers. The reason for this is that pine and fir give the perfume somehow old air. The first 1-2 minutes pine gives refreshment and keenness. In the next 10-15 minutes, the fragrance starts to settle quickly, and the combination of leather and pine is very impressive. Pine continues in a very aromatic way. The skin becomes more prominent at the end of an hour. If you are wearing a suit it may not goes well with it but with a more casual outfit it will give you great pleasure outdoors. I know I am emphasizing the leather notes in most of the perfumes. However, the leather note only allows for comfortable use in cold weather. It is too risky to use leather-themed perfumes in Turkey where you can feel extreme temperatures in summer. People over 30 will understand this fragrance. Because it is more user- oriented. In other words, there will be no people around you to ask the question “What do you use?”. It makes you happy and gives you pleasure. So, you need to have it for yourself.
A small selection from perfume collection of Dr. İsmail Kızılbay who is the Executive Vice President of Quick Insurance.
A small selection from perfume collection of Dr. İsmail Kızılbay who is the Executive Vice President of Quick Insurance.