Technology and Animal Love Merges Under the Name of ‘The Paw Union’

Technology and Animal Love Merges Under the Name of ‘The Paw Union’

Taking advantage of technological opportunities, Paw Union is trying to raise stray animals’ living standards. If you are willing to support, you may download the app and start to donate.

While we are passing by, we are not able to realize the fact that stray dogs, permanent residents of streets, barely hold on for their lives under very hard conditions. Here comes Paw Union launching as ‘4-legged Love App”, and lends a helping hand to our 4 legged friends. Paw Union aims to bind stray dogs and inhabitants of the same neighborhood.

What is Paw Union?

Paw Union can be defined as a multifunctional project taking into action last year on August, in pilot regions of Istanbul. What they aim is feeding the stray dogs, increasing the safety of homeless dogs living along the highway by improving the lighting system and providing them with medical care if needed. Although the primary purpose of this app is improving the living standards of stray dogs, there is another aim behind it; “bridging the gap between humans and stray dogs and building a sustainable friendship among them while breaking down the prejudices.”

What can be done with the App?

Currently, a pilot study is being carried out in Beşiktaş district and 19 stray dogs of the neighborhood are registered on the app with the special designed GPS collars. Carrying out joint actions with Beşiktaş Municipality to put this App into action, Ece Iraz Dinçer, the project manager, states that they have received positive feedbacks and summarizes the things you can do by downloading the App as follows; “Before using the free App compatible with Androids and IOs, do not forget to activate your location status. And then you can easily access either by signing up as a new user or signing in with your current Facebook account. So, you can access the list and the photos of stray dogs displayed on your smartphone’s screen, and then choose one of the nearest one to your neighborhood to meet its needs like food, water, care, play and so on. When you are done with accomplishing these tasks, you can register them all via the App and enjoy the best of both worlds; being a role model for your friends on social media and the pride of helping one of your 4-legged friends.

Another vital importance of this App for stray dogs is the medical care facilities. At this point Subaru, the leading brand of the automotive sector in the world, comes to the rescue and allocates special emergency vehicles at stray dogs’ service. That is to say, if you see an injured dog while you are walking around Beşiktaş, you can press the emergency button on the app so that a fully equipped emergency car comes to the spot exactly you pin.

Harmony of the species comes first

Associating with the most popular Civil Society Organization (CSO) named ‘Çak Bi’ Pati’ (Gimme a Paw), Paw Union gives importance to binding the species. On the one hand, this App aims to bring street dogs and animal lovers together. On the other hand, the app provides an opportunity for the dogs unable to live in the streets to be adopted by animal lovers. According to Ece Iraz Dinçer, highlighting the importance of “Adopt. Don’t buy!” motto on all occasions, and reminding the peace of sharing a house with a pet; “A person who defines himself an animal lover should avoid pet shop sales and attach particular importance to the animals living in the streets.

Very soon, Paw Union App will be accessible in other districts of İstanbul such as Silivri, Şile, Riva, Beykoz,and Kemerburgaz which are relatively far from the city center and have poor lightings on the highways. Paw Union also provides stray dogs with high-visibility collars so that the drivers will be able to see them in the dark. If you are not living in Beşiktaş or you are far away from the district, but still willing to give a helping hand, you may click on ‘donate’ button to have a finger in the pie. The donations will contribute to expenses such as food, medical care and the production of GPS and high visibility collars.