Find out more about water kephir

Find out more about water kephir

Get ready for a brand-new alternative that will inspire health while refreshing in hot weather. We took all aspects of water kefir!

What is water kephir?

Water kephir, tibicos, which is estimated to be of Mexican origin, dates back to the 1800s and has recently managed to enter the lives of many, is also known as California bees and Japanese water crystal. Water kephir is the result of fermentation of sugary water and kephir grains. Water kephir, a natural probiotic, does not intimidate you with the sugar it contains. Because the benefits of this miraculous drink, which we will count on soon, the sugar loses its whole function when the fermentation process is completed. You can easily make water kephir which becomes a cool, refreshing and very useful drink without sugar taste, especially during hot summer days.

How to make water kefir?

You shouldn’t use any metal product while making water kephir.
You shouldn’t use any metal product while making water kephir.

It's easy to make water kefir at home. First of all, you shouldn’t use any metal products and should use plastic or wooden products.

You need:

● Glass jars

● 1 liter of potable water (warm one cup of water at room temperature)

● 50 g activated kephir grain

● 50 g granulated sugar

● stretch film, towel cloth, muslin cloth or filter coffee paper

● elastic bands

First pour the sugar into the jar and add 1 cup of hot water and shake the jar and let the sugar melt a little. Add the water at room temperature and allow the temperature of the mixture to be between 20 and 30 degrees. Then put the kephir grains into it and seal the jar with stretch film or one of the cloths we offer above. After the process is finished, put the jar in a dark corner of your home for 36-48 hours. Then drain the particles in the jar with a plastic strainer. Your water kefir is ready. If you want to re-ferment, wash the filtered kefir with clean water in the strainer.

What are the benefits of water kephir?

Water kephir is rich in probiotics.
Water kephir is rich in probiotics.

Strengthens immunity

Due to its probiotic content, water kephir has positive effects on the immune system. Lactic acid bacteria also make it a good probiotic. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, is known to have an anti-allergic aspect.

Can fight cancer cells

In addition to strengthening the immune system, it can also protect you against cancer cells. It is said that kefir particles can slow the growth of colon, breast and blood cancer cells.

Protects stomach health

Water kephir, which is rich in probiotics, is also good for stomach health. A study published on the Frontiers in Microbiology website, which contains scientific articles, shows that kephir grains contain many different types of probiotics and healthy bacteria.

Suitable for many diets

Ordinary kephir, which consists of animal milk, may not be preferred by some who have lactose intolerance and/or are vegetarian. Water kephir can adapt to many diets. Kefir is also used in Ayurvedic nutrition system and is used in traditional treatment methods in the Far East.

Different kefir recipes that you can simply make at home

If you are looking for healthy, refreshing and delicious drinks on hot days in summer, you can try water kephir varieties.

● Lemonade water kefir

After applying the water kephir recipe above and separating the kephir particles, pour 50 g of freshly squeezed lemon juice into the kephir and shake it. If you wish, you can drink lemonade water kephir immediately, you can make it more delicious by leaving it in the refrigerator.

● Water kephir with orange peel

Grate and add 1-2 orange peels while adding the kephir particles in the water kephir recipe. The trick here is not to add the juice of the orange. After waiting for 36-48 hours, remove the peels and particles with a strainer and pour the water into a bottle.

● Raspberry water kephir

While making raspberry water kephir, you need to use fully organic raspberries. This recipe uses 6-8 glasses of raspberry juice instead of water. Put the kephir grains in raspberry juice for 36-48 hours, then, your drink is ready to drink.

● Water kephir with fruit

After melting the sugar in the glass jar with hot water, add kefir grains, two slices of lemon and the desired dried fruit (dried figs, dried apricots, dried mulberries, raisins). Then add the remaining water and leave the jar for 36-48 hours. At the end of the fermentation period, you can drain your water into the bottle by filtering the particles and fruits.