What is “space lift” a facial rejuvenation?

What is “space lift” a facial rejuvenation?

The most popular application of facial aesthetics operations in the world is the space lift method. Thanks to this method, the damaged and wrinkled tissues on the face are safely renewed. 

As you get older, the signs of aging begin to appear around the forehead, cheeks, neck and eyes. Space lift method is frequently preferred as it provides a fast recovery period as well as providing the most effective and permanent results. This application determines the sagging tissues and proceeds on the newly discovered safe spaces on the face by renewing and fixing them. The absence of a significant vascular and nervous structure in the part where the operation takes place makes the surgery safer and provides a faster recovery process. The biggest advantage of the operation is that the completely sagging tissues reach where they were at a young age and thus a natural appearance is obtained. Thanks to this application, people can appear 10-15 years younger.

After its practice around the world, we have learned details about “space lift” from Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Zekeriya Kul who applied it for the first time in Turkey.

Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Zekeriya Kul
Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Zekeriya Kul

“Young people can also be eager about this operation”

Space lift application recovers the temporal changes occurred in the bone, muscle, adipose tissue and skin that make up the face and restores the position, vividness and fullness. Kiss. Dr. Zekeriya Kul gives the following details about the surgery: “All the structures (eyebrows, eyelids, cheeks, neck) from the forehead to the neck area making a person look old are the targeted areas. Although it is aimed at removing the changes that occur with aging, a person who complains of low eyebrows at a very young age and wants to look more energetic and dynamic is a candidate for this surgery. Those in need can apply this method with the approval of their doctor. ”

How does this method differ from other facelift operations?

When we ask Zekeriya Kul about the difference between this operation from the other ones, we get the following response: “In classical face lift operations, unnatural results, which we call“ mask face ”, are obtained as they try to make the skin tighter. However, when we move the deep tissues upwards with the skin as a whole, moving in the safe spaces we call 'space' on our face, we can achieve more natural results and perform a safer surgical operation. Because we work very close to the nerve branches responsible for the movement of our facial muscles, we should both achieve an effective result and protect these nerve branches, as well.”

"We can say that the post-operative process was more comfortable than other methods."

During the healing process, bruises and swellings are minimized in the space lift method, unlike the classical surgical methods. The trauma risk on the tissues is very low, so the problems such as bruising, and swelling are prevented to make people feel free to continue their work and social life. Mr. Kul also said, “We can say that the post-operative process was more comfortable in space lift than in other methods. If we take the improvement criterion into consideration -especially getting the social environment easily-, we can say that the post-operative period is a week on average."

“Space lift method is a method of high satisfaction and content”

This application is one of the most preferred face lift methods in the world recently. Zekeriya Kul explains the issue as follows: “The plastic surgeon who developed the technique is an Australian Plastic Surgeon Bryan Mendelson who I also had the opportunity to work with. Apart from being the pioneer in using this method in Turkey, we share our technical experiences in plastic surgery in the cadaver courses organized. Especially Northern Europeans and Russians prefer Turkey for this surgery. Space lift method continues to attract more attention day by day as it is a high level of satisfaction.”